Campus Unit

Gokuldham Campus

Sant Nivas

Sant Nivas, the main center in Gokuldham where religious, social, spiritual and educational activities are arranged. Here in Sant Nivas the devotees, visitors, pilgrims, guests and others pray to the Idol of Lord Shree Swaminarayan. Bhajan, kirtan, prayers, artist, and religious meets are regularly held as a part of religious and spiritual activities.

Shreeji Aishwaryadham

Shree Aishwaryadham is the place where Lord Shree Swaminarayan resides. It is the ultimate place where the efforts are made to take the human being towards true goal conducting sessions of devotion, discourse, prayer, meditation, yog and spiritual camp to care the culture. In it, the holy idol of Shree Hari makes us realize constant presence. It is the source of inspiration for each human being.

Bhojanalaya(Dining Hall)

Pious food is necessary for pious life. The dining hall provides refreshment to all the school students in the noon every day. The devotees, passers-by and visitors also take advantage of the food facility. Around 850 people take the benefit continuously.


The school is a fusion of ancient Indian culture and modern thinking with latest methodology. The school is a successful journey from the Vedas to webs. The citizens with the sense of responsibility and leadership are prepared here from localization to globalization.

          Around 700 children from around 40 villages nearby study with virtues. Volunteers from countries like U.K., U.S.A., Mexico, Switzerland, Israel, Spain, Canada, France offer their services with dedication so that the students can face the world confidently.


The Hostel is the place where students feel like home. The future of the students are shaped with love and warmth. It is the place where divine efforts are made to create their future with confluence of motherly presence of caring saints for virtues, spirituality and science. The hostel has been built to develop the invaluable quality to live mass life.

Atithi Bhuvan (Guest House)

‘Guest is god’ in the Indian culture. One can feel the spirit at the Guest House. We provide the best facility to stay as the campus is situated on Vasad-Bagodara highway from where many pilgrims pass. Devotees and visitors from India as well as abroad can stay and realize the peace with modern facilities.

Bhakti Sevashram(care-center for senior citizens)

The live example of social upgradation activity conducted by Gokuldham is the Care Home. The senior citizens are looked after keeping in mind current social need. We try to give homely environment so that they can live satisfactorily.

Reverse Osmosis Plant

When the pollution increases, first of all, the water gets polluted. The polluted water is the root of all diseases. Gokuldham has been providing the pure mineral drinking water to the Nar village and the neighboring villages at very low cost.In addition to this, mineral water is provided to 7000 children in 22 educational institutes. This service is in progress from 2008.

Gaushala (A shelter for cows)

Cow is the fulfiller of all wishes. All the deities reside in it. Gokuldham has ideal and pious Cow House. The service to the cows is the main root of development of Gokuldham campus. All the members of Gokuldham are benefited for the same. There are 60 cows in the Cow House. The muck gas plant is operational from the urine and muck of the cows.

Rest Roof and Gazebo

Gokuldham Campus is situated on the Bagodara-Vasad highway.There is a good facility for the pilgrims and passers-by to take rest and relief in natural surroundings which gives them feeling of coolness and serenity.


Generally yagna is the important and most ancient process to give oblation in the fire with the hymns in the eternal Hindu religion. The scientists of world’s super laboratory at NASA in USA have, at last, accepted after research that there is significant contribution of the holy smoke to reconnect the ozone layer breaking from the universe. Yagna solemnization is conducted every morning as well as occasionally by Gokuldham. Renunciation, sacrifice, auspicious doings and valuable, aromatic herbs are delivered through the medium of fire and wind for the welfare of the entire world through yagna. Holy and pure wind make all healthy. The pure word sound of the Ved incantations pronounced during the yagna time makes the conscience pious and pure.