Campus Unit

Gokuldham Campus

Sant Nivas

Sant Nivas, the main center in Gokuldham where religious, social, spiritual and educational activities are arranged. Here in Sant Nivas the devotees, visitors, pilgrims, guests and others pray to the Idol of Lord Shree Swaminarayan. Bhajan, kirtan, prayers, arti(s), religious meets are regularly held as a part of religious and spiritual activities.

Shreeji Aishwaryadham

Shreeji Aishwarydham, the heart of the Gokuldham Campus, is a state of the art temple of Lord Swaminarayan. It will he a center for prayer, darshan, bhajn-kirtan, satsang, discourses, seminars, yog training camp etc. Spiritual and Religions activities will nourish the educational activities and mankind here.

Bhojanalaya(Dining Hall)

Gokuldham-Nar, Bhojanalaya caters to around 1,000 people everyday. Some 550 students are given nutrition breakfast everyday. Pilgrims and tourists take advantage at this facility.


We impart education from Play Group and K.G. to S.S.C.The medium of instruction is English. We are the Govt. recognized School. Our students are legible to appear at S.S.C. Board Examinaion. We follow the syllaus and text books prescribed by the department of educational institute. We progres step by step up to Std 11 and 12 Science and General stream. We are the co-educational School. Gokuldham delivers in providing worldly education alongside ethical and spiritual guidance as a basis of a complete education.


Hostel with a new sense and modern facility. Hostel means not only lodging facility, it is a mini classroom with all technology available.

Atithi Bhuvan (Guest House)

Gokuldham, a hub of social service is one of the best gurukuls for providing facilities to people. The atithi Bhuvan is a part f Gokuldham where many Pilgrims, affected people of natural calamities, N.R.I. etc. stay here as guest. The room of the guest house are ell furnished for comfortable stay. It is also used for seminars, medical check-up, educational purpose during the year. More than 15000 people took advantage for various activities of Atithi Bhuvan.

Bhakti Sevashram(care-center for senior citizens)

Bhakti Sevashram, a care center for senior citizens, managed by Gokuldham is one of te best examples of social service. It was Established In 2006 withall moden facilities for senior citizen. All Senior citizens staying in Bhakri Sevashram at Gokuldham are treated politely as like family members. They are givien nutritious food, breakfast with milk every day. The doctors from Saadat Hospital, Tarapur visit once in week for physical check up of every senior citizen. Various celebrations like birthday celebration, festival celebrations, world senior citizen day celebration, national festival celebration annual day celebration are organized during the year.

Reverse Osmosis Plant

R.O. water plant, a source of pure potable water at Gokuldham is a boon for thousands of people living in small villages around Nar. As the bay of Khambhat not far from these village, water is salty and it is not useful for drinking. people face lot of problems from lack of pure drinking water in this area. Gokuldham always tries to solve the problems of people of society. Gokuldham established R.O.Plant for pure drinking water for people of Nar and other villages. Pure and cold water of twenty liters is distributed door to door in ten villages by special vehicles and more than free mineral water is provided to 3500 students in seven school Nar village. Gokuldham also provides free mineral water at Nar railway station during summer season.

Gaushala (A shelter for cows)

A cow is worshipped as mother by Hindus in India. It is one of the most useful animals in the world. To serve cowes is a ritual part of Hindu religion. Most of Hindu people treat as goddess and worship them. Gaushala at Gokuldham has been awarded as best one in Anand district by Gujarat goverment. Mr.Narendra Modi, the prime Minister by Gujarat appreciated the efforts and facilities for cows at Gokuldham and awarded 1 lac rupees cheque to the trust in-2011. Gokuldham Nar has more than sixty cows which are cured and fed by spesially trained shepherds. Our Swamiji Sukdevprasaddas and Harikeshvadas take keen interest for providing good facilities to cows in the Gaushala. A veterunary doctor visits twice in a month for medical check-up of cows. A music system for cows is installed in Gaushala. We provide fodder green and hay and water with cool shade and light to cows and young once.

Rest Roof and Gazebo

As Gokuldham is situated on the Bagodara-Vasad highway, many passengers, pilgrims, migrating people and others take rest under the rest roof(canopy) in the Gokuldham Campus. As they walk long distance, they get tired and thirsty. Gokuldham has rest roof for passengers, pilgrims and other local people. Both the rest roof are very useful during summer season in Gujarat. There is Gazebo n the Gokuldham campus where birds are ed regularly. The murmur of the birds adds to the natural beauty of the campus.