Our Fcilities

Our Facilities and Response to the Current Educational Needs

Our school is an environmentally friendly lush green campus with peace and tranquillity.

Our classrooms are designed in a Pyramid shape for the learning and development of mental physical and spiritual talent in the students.

We have a well stocked library with books which support the Gujarat state curriculum.

All our books cater for children from nursery to 11 STD and these include story books, fictional, non-fictional, worksheets, language and picture books.

Our computer Lab is well equipped with D.T.H. and L.C.D projector for presentations, seminars and learning for children and teachers.

We have theme based classrooms.

All our teachers are qualified and trained in delivering a high standard of education.

Parents are encouraged to be fully involved in their children’s education at all stages throughout the year, therefore they meet with the teachers regularly.

We follow the Gujarat State board and children are also encouraged to learn through play, project work, creativity, sports and other learning through leisure and pleasure activities.

Our standard for teaching and learning is through continuous and comprehensive evaluation.

All our children take part in competitions, science fairs, educational tours, picnics, annual function, festivals and celebrations.

Our school has a toys library to encourage nursery and KG children to learn through play and activity.

Children are encouraged to take part in Karate, yoga and meditation training on Saturdays.

All children are provided with mineral water and a hot vegetarian nutrition breakfast every day.