Social Service

Other services of Gokuldham

Hospital at Your Door

To implement the commandment of the Shikshapatri, nine neighboring villages are provided the primary medical service. During one year 29,770 patients were benefitted.

Eye Camp and Medical Camp

"Nothing is impossible for God, with his grace ven the blind can see". Eyes are the very important part of body. Lots of people suffer from eye-diseases and they don't get proper treatment because of their poor economic conditions. Once the lord Ghanshyam gave eye-sight to the blind man with his divine power. With the mercy and blessings of lord Swaminarayan, Gokuldham Nar has organized several Eye Camp and Medical Camp for providing better health to prople in society. Eye Camp for poor and middle class people is one of the most useful social services rendering by Gokuldham Nar. It has been arranged in various villages for the last ten year.

Mass Marriage Ceremony

"It is said, Marriages are made in heaven and celebrated on the earth". Gokuldham arranges mass marriage ceremony for economically poor people without any cast and creed. Any young couple can join the mass marriage and tie the knot. They are given necessary all household thing to live happily. With blessing of Lord Shree Swaminarayan and sinsere efforts of Sadhu Sukdevprasaddas and Sadhu Harikrshavdas, the well to do people join this with whole hearted devotion. 311 couples got married from society in the mass marriages by Gokuldham Nar.

Tricycle Distribution

જરૂરીયામંદ વ્યક્તિઓને ટ્રાયસિકલ વિતરણ

Blanket-Jacket Distribution

Jacket- Blanket distribution for Old age home, Andh Apang School, Anath Ashram and needy people in cold winter.

As s part of to cultivate Society for social activities, with the inspiration of Swami Sukdevprasaddas and Swami Harikeshavdasji , people of Gokuldham Parivar organized to distribute blanket to road side poor people in cold nights of winter. 

Tiffin Service

Patients are provided the tiffin service at free of cost admitted in Government hospital, Saadat Hospital, and Yamuna Surgical Hospital at Tarapur.