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To build a healthy and civilized society through human values combining physical as well as spiritual development.

Hostel Facilities

शरीरमाद्यं खलु धर्मसाधनम् ।

The hostel became operational in 2018 but is still under construction. The hostel for boys was constructed with the purpose of maintaining the Swaminarayan tradition in children, to accommodate students from far places and create a special environment and culture. The goals for the hostel are to allow the student to differentiate themselves from each other and provide a unique experience with the other boys, make them a sincere learner that will go beyond their time in the hostel, and shape and develop them into a dynamic person who can make positive contributions to society.

Admissions Information for the Academic Year 2021-22

The hostel contains an audiovisual hall, audio recording studio, study hall, 32 dormitory rooms, and a recreational area. It has capacity to accommodate up to 200 students and it is growing every year. In addition to the facilities, students at the hostel are provided uniforms for school, sports, spiritual and formal functions, and textbooks, notebooks, stationary, bed, sheets, pillows and blankets. Furthermore, students of the hostel are provided 3 nutritious meals per day and snacks to give them the energy to get through the day.

Dining hall

As is the Food so is the Mind.

In the spacious dining hall of Gokuldham, all meals are nutritiously  feeds variety of pure vegetarian food made deliciously prepared and freshly cooked with the highest quality ingredients. Where 600 students can eat comfortably simultaneously. Our kitchen is well equipped with the latest electrical cooking equipment and the food is prepared with the utmost hygiene care by specially trained cooks.
Monthly food menus are prepared by a professional nutritionist and it is ensured that the quality, standard and varieties of food are based on the criteria of dietetics that provide a daily quota of essential calories. Emphasis is placed on improving eating habits and eating etiquette. It serves food of both North Indian and South Indian tastes with all the delicious items like Dhosa, Pani Pooree, Manchoorian, Noodles, Idly, Upma, Pulao, and many more.

Gokuldham Bakery
Gokuldham has a self maintained bakery that provides all the bakery dishes like Pizza, Burger, Dabeli, Sandwich, Pau Bhajee, etc.

Medical Care

It has well serving dispensary with First Aid and necessary medicines. We have appointed a Doctor who visits Gokuldham Daily and look after their health. Pediatrician visits the hostel periodically or as and when required to deal with minor accidents/injuries and sickness. In addition to this it is associated to a Hospital just 5 min away from Gurukul providing medical services for 24 Hours and also associated to Specialized Hospitals. Medical van facility is available at the Campus for immediate transportation for deal with any medical emergency. Parents must intimate the hostel authorities if any special medical care is to be taken for their ward or any ongoing medication or treatment. Past medical history of any serious or allergic diseases also must be brought to the notice of the hostel wellness authorities.
Students walking at night in sleep will not be kept in the hostel to avoid accident/incident. Wellness Centre will provide only first aid to the students, in case of any infectious diseases or serious illness; the parent will have to take the students under their care. In case of medical emergency, on behalf of parents, hostel authority will shift them to the nearest hospital. In such case, parents or local guardian must report to the hospital as early as possible.

A Student is provided with personal cupboards, a bed, a chair and a footwear rack. All the dormitories are facilitated with a speaker hence connecting all the rooms, directly to the Residence Office.

Hot Water

A child needs water at different temperatures in different seasons to bathe. Therefore, the campus provides hot water from electric hitter to rooms with new technology. The hot water is available 24 hours a day.

Mineral Water Plant

Drinking water matters much in a child’s health. Gokuldham Campus is set with a Mineral Water Plant, that refines the drinking water, throughout the campus. With this, water coolers are also kept to provide chilled water to Students.

Salon Services

Barbers are timely arranged for the Haircuts of the Children. We promote sober look of a person and so have planned a typical good looking hairstyle for every student.

Laundry services

Laundry service on the campus is well set. Every day of the week, the student gives his clothes to wash and after washing his clothes every 2 day, he gets ironed and returned. In every week the students submit their bed-linen and pillow covers for washing.


Parents are requested to provide  basic phone only which the students can avail  from the care takers on every Selection day for communicating with their parents for about 15 minite. Smart phones are strictly not allowed.

Safety and Security

Security guards are present 24 hours a day, 7 days a week on the two gate entrances into campus which restricts access. Furthermore, there is fencing surrounding the entire campus. CCTV cameras around the hostel and surrounding the campus ensures safety of all the students and members of community in Gokuldham.