Hospital at Your Door

Hospital at Your Door

To implement the commandment of the Shikshapatri, fourteen neighboring villages are provided the primary medical service. During one year 65,201 patients were benefitted.

Healthcare is one of the key indicators that are evaluated to determine a society’s standard of living along with education and income. Good healthcare begins with education. Its goals are to prevent, diagnose, treat, and cure illnesses. Keeping people informed about good health practices such as hygiene is an important preventive measure. It is far more practical to implement preventative measures in before it spreads throughout the person’s body and then to their family, and greater society.

About the Program

After recognizing an issue that members of surrounding villages of Gokuldham with limited means were not able to access medicine or a medical practitioner, this program began to relieve this problem and offer health care support to the surrounding villages with the assistance of the Swami’s, donors, and other members of the community. That is how the “Hospital on Wheels” program began in 2017.
The program is a primary care service that offers access to a medical practitioner and medicine that is subsidized to the point where it is practically free to the members of the 12 surrounding villages. Illnesses do not discriminate age or gender. As such, the service does not discriminate on the persons’ background, age, gender or any differentiating factor. Over the past 3 years of the program, the Campus has been able to help over 65,201 members of the community get the care that they need. The patients who use this service are all ages from young to old, male and females.
The program currently runs with the assistance of four full time employees: one doctor, nurse, an assistant and a driver. These employees are crucial in the operation and maintenance of this program and they graciously dedicate their time and expertise to helping the surrounding villages. When dealing with medical practitioners, it is important that there is continuity in the relationship between doctor and patient. This continuity allows for development of trust and allows the doctor to observe the progression of the patients’ symptoms which is critical in offering the best advice and health care services.

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