Tiffin Service in Hospital

Vishvambharam Tiffin Service

Patients are provided the tiffin service free of cost admitted to Government hospital, Saadat Hospital, and Yamuna Surgical Hospital at Tarapur.

Service to humans means service to God. Gokuldham-Nar is known for the many services provided on its 22-acre campus. These services extend beyond the campus gate and include Vishvambharam Tiffin service.

Being hospitalized is a stressful event. Quality care, comfort, nutrition and family support all help patients heal and thrive. To aid healing, Gokuldham-Nar offers meals and support at three local hospitals. Volunteers lovingly serve healthy, nutritious meals every day at the Government hospital, Saadat Hospital and Yamuna Surgical Hospital in Tarapur. Since service began in 2018, more than 90,450 people have been served across the three hospitals. This tiffin service is provided completely free of cost to both patients and their families.
Join us in supporting Vishvambharam Tiffin Service.

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