Hospital at Your Door

Prevention, Diagnosis, Treatment and Cure. At your door.
Healthcare is one of the key measures that determines society’s standard of life, along with education and income. And effective healthcare starts with raising awareness on preventive health and hygiene practices. As the saying goes, Prevention is always better than the Cure.
Gokuldham Nar recognised that people in surrounding villages had very limited means to access medical practitioners and services. In pursuit of the Shikshapatri commandments and with the support of donors and members of the local community, we arrived at the solution. Hospital on Wheels.
The concept of Hospital on Wheels was developed and then launched in the year 2017, with the aim of providing primary medical care services to fourteen neighbouring villages, and taking services to where they are most needed.
About the Service
  • We provide a mobile primary care service to 14 surrounding villages, where locals can consult with a qualified medical practitioner and nursing staff, and receive medicines at the flat token cost of Rs 10 for each patient.
  • Four full-time employees (doctor, nurse, assistant and driver) travel with the fully equipped mobile hospital and dispensary to fixed locations daily
  • The service is open to everyone regardless of any differentiating factor (age, gender, background etc)
  • Our employees remain essential to the efficient management and maintenance of this service, graciously dedicating their time and expertise in the service of others
  • We aim to maintain continuity in the relationship between the patients and doctors, ensuring uninterrupted progress on symptoms, advice and general care
This service has benefitted over 66,800 people in total (and approx. 70 people each day) in our community with timely, affordable and localised healthcare.

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HOSPITAL AT YOUR DOOR – Medical Treatment
  • Healthcare / Medical Treatment for ALL Patients – For ONE month – 1,10,000
  • Healthcare / Medical Treatment for 100 Patients – 11,000
  • Healthcare / Medical Treatment for 50 Patients – 5,500
  • Healthcare / Medical Treatment for 25 Patients – 2,500
  • Healthcare / Medical Treatment for 1 Patient – 100