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To build a healthy and civilized society through human values combining physical as well as spiritual development.
Academic support in the hostel
It is essential that revision of the topics taught in the school is again brushed up along with home assignments. Tutors have been appointed to meet the requirement of extra coaching as expected by the parents. Extra coaching facility is optional. However, it is mandatory for students who have obtained less than 55% in previous annual examination. Additional fee is charged in full at the beginning of the coaching session every year. This fee is non- refundable and non- transferable.
A combination of sincere efforts and willingness to perform well by the students and guidance provided by the hostel staff has yield wonderful result.
Senior students from 10th to 12th grade are provided inside the hall for their reading. Themselves where they do uninterrupted self-study for a long time.
Hostel Staff
There is always staff in the hostel who are directly responsible for the supervision, discipline, and care of every student. The staff at the hostel are like a family that the students can to talk to about any problems or issues they are having. This contributes to the goal of creating an environment where all students can thrive and realize their true potential while creating a culture of trust and truthfulness.