Serve Society Together
Gokuldham Nar’s social service activities are only possible due to the heart-felt generosity of our donors, and dedicated support from partners, volunteers and staff. We at Gokuldham Nar remain indebted to them all and work tirelessly to ensure their faith and belief in us always remains justified. Each of our donors is motivated by nothing more than in doing something to help fellow human beings that are less fortunate and need support. Whether we call it divine inspiration or just giving from the heart, the impact of their actions continues to be felt by thousands of grateful souls every day and is often life-changing.
Time to Act
We now welcome you play an active part in our social service activities, by choosing for yourself the precise activity you wish to support or adopt. Then, you witness for yourself the difference your support makes. Every time you celebrate an occasion, like a birthday, wedding, anniversary, birth of child, promotion or passing an exam etc, why not also share that joy with those less fortunate and are in need. What better to remember our dearly loved ones that are no longer with us, than by doing something for those who still struggle to live with dignity, safety or comfort.
What You Can Do
You can act right now by dedicating your donation to any one of our many social activities directly. Your funds go directly to activities or causes that are closest to your heart. The genuine warmth, blessings and goodwill that come from giving will make it an unforgettable occasion for you and your family. Please (go to our Donations page / click below / click the appropriate button) for details or contact us by phone / email if you need any further details. We are always happy to hear from you and answer any questions you may have.

Hi-Tech Prosthetic Limbs (Leg & Arms)

Professionally fitted High-tech Prosthetic Limbs to were highly successful in empowering the 1065 people to regain their dexterity and independence.

Mass Marriage Ceremonies

We arrange ‘all-inclusive’ Mass Marriage ceremonies for couples from economically and socially disadvantaged backgrounds totally free of cost

Hospital at Your Door

Medical treatment provided to over 84,125 patients across 32 villages from a
mobile hospital, treating over 70 patients every day.

Tiffin Service to Hospitals

Freshly cooked hot meals are delivered to in-patients daily at three Government hospitals, speeding up their recovery free of cost

Jackets and Blankets Distribution

Providing warmth and protection for the homeless, destitute, disadvantaged and those with special needs during the cold winters, with respect and compassion

Footwear Distribution

We have distributed over 28,400 pairs of quality footwear to adults and children that previously walked bare feet in harsh conditions

Tri-Cycle Distribution

Robust 3-wheel, hand-propelled tricycles are provided to the less-abled to re-gain independence in mobility and quality of life

Sewing Machine Distribution

Providing high-quality electrical sewing machines to divorced and widowed women to help them generate dignified and sustainable income