Tri-Cycle Distribution

We distribute robust, hand-propelled tricycles to disabled people that need independence in mobility
People with disabilities are often excluded and marginalised in our society, especially in rural areas due to lack of awareness, adequate support and services. The denial of access to education, training and employment has significant impact across all aspects of their lives.
At Gokuldham, we identify people with such mobility needs and provide them with strong hand-operated tricycles that gets them moving independently. This ability to move freely without assistance from others is hugely beneficial for them, in physical, economic and psychological terms.
So far, we have distributed 117 of these safe and strong tricycles to those in need at our annual events, with the blessings of our Saints and donors.

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TRI-CYCLE DISTRIBUTION to people with physical disabilities
  • Provide Tri-cycles to 5 people with physical disabilities to re-gain independence – 55,000
  • Provide Tri-cycles to 3 people with physical disabilities to re-gain independence – 33,000
  • Provide Tri-cycle to 1 person with physical disability to re-gain independence – 11,000