Blessing and holy Message

In the Vachanamrit, the ‘nectar of spiritual discourses and holy speech’ by Lord Shree Swaminarayan, He has said that the ‘human birth is the door to the salvation’. In saying so, He shows the importance of procurement of human body. To fulfil the purpose, the awareness of the soul over the microlayer is essential to protect one from inner foes. One can be qualified for the utmost liberation attaining solitude devotion with importance of knowledge. But due to having human body, one must accept the practice and characteristic of the same.
Therefore, we should:
  • Free the self from race, religion, pride of country and spirit of being the doer and we should perform our duty doing deeds of humanity accepting humanism and protecting spirituality.
  • Preach through one’s behaviour
  • Practise to see the God in all the souls
  • Treat others as we expect to be treated ourselves
  • Have courtesy in our speech and bear the situation
  • Observe the world as a witness
  • Demonstrate the virtues of charity with our body, mind and wealth
  • Be qualified for the grace of the God and the great people

A Brief History of Gokuldham