Yagnashala (Place for conducting rituals)

The Yagnashala at Gokuldham Nar is constructed in the design of an octagon. The octagon signifies universal peace and the welfare of the Universe. The perimeter of the Yagnashala is decorated with 57 elephants with 2 rows of 4 swans welcoming you as you step up to enter. The style and design of the Yagnashala matches that of the main Temple. In the centre of the Yagnashala is the Yagna, where the ritual fire is cast and offerings performed daily for at least an hour a day for prosperity and happiness in the world. Traditional offerings are sweets and herbal woods for Lord Vishnu and Hanuman.
Looking downwards from each corner of the octagon on the inside overseeing the offerings are sculptures of eight spiritual leaders. On the opposite side facing outside of
the Yagnashala are sculptures of eight influential political, social, and scientific leaders. These individuals were chosen on the basis of the exceptional contributions they made in their respective fields for the greater good of India and the world.