Hi-Tech Prosthetic Limbs (Leg & Arms)

Most of us are blessed with functioning arms and legs that allow us to perform our daily tasks seamlessly. However, normal life is severely impacted for individuals that have lost a limb through accident, amputation or other causes. In India, there are more than half a million such individuals who experience critical loss in the quality of their lives. The availability of prosthetic devices (artificial limbs) plays a very important role in bringing back mobility and independence to affected individuals, though very few have the financial means to benefit from this.
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Gokuldham Nar in its ongoing mission to serve those in need, set a practical example and arranged the first camp in February 2021 to provide High Tech Prosthetic arm and legs to 103 people in genuine need and our second camp on “World Disability Day” 3rd December 2021, true to Lord Swaminarayan’s message of “Wellbeing for All”, For the first time in India our team of 180 doctors, 50 nurses and more than 400 volunteers created a Guinness world record in just 5 hours by fitting 710 differently-abled and needy people with made-to-measure prosthetic limbs. We organized the third camp where 252 needy people were treated. Camps, which were funded entirely by our generous donors, were highly successful in empowering the 1065 people to regain their dexterity and independence. A team of medical professionals and administrators worked tirelessly throughout days to 

ensure all recipients were fitted with the made-to-measure prosthetics with the utmost care and attention.
All the recipients have now been rehabilitated and receive ongoing physiotherapy support. It is very heartening to witness these individuals recommence their lives, whether in employment, household, education or other pursuits.
Our eternal thanks go to the amazing group of donors in Virginia Beach USA (the Virginia Beach Seva Mandal), others who donated funds and the remarkable teams that provided services on the ground.

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