Shelter for Cows (Gaushala)
Love, care and protection for Cows, the most revered of our creatures.
The Cow is representative of the divine and natural beneficence. These gentle creatures are associated with various deities, notably Lord Krishna, Lord Shiva and Lord Indra, as well as our Goddesses in attribution of motherhood. Cows, among other animals such as monkeys, elephants and tigers, are highly revered animals in India, and warrant veneration and protection. Hindu culture, therefore, expressly forbids any harm to cows.
Throughout history, Cows have provided human beings across the world with so much in their produce. Milk, ghee, butter, cheese and butter-milk (chaas) have been part of the Indian staple diet for millennia. Non-dairy produce, such as its dung and urine have been used in a variety of forms in building homes, medicine and in performing yagna rituals. Cows generously give far more than they take.
At Gokuldham, we have built large eco-friendly sheds and compounds within our grounds to specifically provide care and protection for traditional Gir cows. A team of eight staff manage the day-to-day operations of this facility.
The produce of the Gir cow has health properties that other cow breeds cannot offer. Hence, the Gaushala at Gokuldham only serves these pious Gir cows. There are currently 65 Gir cows being cared for in our sheds and we pay close attention to their diet, health and well-being.
Our cows offer their milk each morning and evening. After we reserve sufficient milk for calves, all remaining milk is used for offerings to Bhagwan and to serve to senior citizens, students, hospital patients and guests at the Campus, as milk, ghee and chaas.

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