Shreeji Aishwaryadham Tample

A remarkable temple complex peaking in spiritual heights – A perfect fusion of the ancient and the modern.
This magnificent Temple of Lord Shree Swaminarayan is located in the centre of the Campus and forms its focal point. Its main prayer hall is a multi-use facility that regularly hosts many indoor programmes, including devotional sessions, discourses, seminars, meditation and yoga activities. As a main place of worship, people come to pray, gain solace and seek solutions to life’s complex issues. All these are part of our endeavours to help human beings transcend towards a divine goal.
The Temple honours and respects Indian nationalism by incorporating majestic Indian national symbols, such as the Peacock, Tiger and the Lion throughout the temple complex.
Main highlights of Shree Aishwaryadham include the following:
  • Temple and Dining Hall size: 38,122 sq. feet
  • Beautifully maintained Gardens, Size: 30,000 sq. feet
  • Total Dimensions: Length x 263 feet, Width 148 feet, Height 76 feet
  • Prayer Hall size: 70 feet x 90 feet
  • Ghumats: 9 exquisite dome structures adjoin the main temple
  • Hydraulic lift: 1
  • Statues of Divine idols: 7
  • Statues of Saints and devotees: 42
  • Statues of incarnation idols: 16
  • Decorative features: 34 seated Lions, 52 performing Peacocks, 85 Elephant arches and Swans

Statues and their Significance:
  • The main Prayer Hall comprises statues of Lord Shree Swaminarayan, Narayan, Lakshmiji, Madanmohan and Radhika
  • Statues of Lord Ganesh and Lord Hanumanji at the entrance are to remove any obstacles from your life
  • Statues of people playing shehnai, two large elephants and swans are set at different places in the temple to signify purification, attachment to Hindu religion and knowledge.
  • There are 16 idol statues and benches within the perimeter of the temple, allowing visitors an opportunity to contemplate, rest, read or simply socialise.