Professionally fitted High-tech Prosthetic Limbs to were highly successful in empowering the 1065 people to regain their dexterity and independence.

We launched the unique Breast Awareness & Screening Campaign aimed at women in rural communities. 30,000 women have been scanned and 242 cases have been detected.

Trees are not only beautiful to look at but they are essential for our existence. They provide our oxygen,

Raising awareness to overcome deep-rooted socio-cultural beliefs and restrictions to empower young and under-privileged women

Working tirelessly at the forefront to support local people in need during times of crisis, distributing food and safety kits to their door

Medical treatment provided to over 98,342 patients across 32 villages from a mobile hospital, treating over 70 patients every day.

We have distributed over 28,400 pairs of quality footwear to adults and children that previously walked bare feet in harsh conditions

Providing warmth and protection for the homeless, destitute, disadvantaged and those with special needs during the cold winters, with respect and compassion

Tiffin service is provided free of cost to the hospitalized patients of Tarapur by Gokuldham.

Robust 3-wheel, hand-propelled tricycles are provided to the less-abled to re-gain independence in mobility and quality of life