Recent surveys have indicated that breast cancer amongst women in India is increasing significantly, with 1 out of every 28 women potentially at risk of developing breast cancer.

Trees are not only beautiful to look at but they are essential for our existence. They provide our oxygen,

Drinking Water is essential for all of earth’s creatures and it is our responsibility to ensure that all creatures

Holy scriptures provide the essence of ancient Vedic knowledge to help us dispel darkness and clear self-doubt.

Professionally fitted High-tech prosthetic arms and legs to 103 people with loss of natural limbs, to help them regain their dexterity and independence

Raising awareness to overcome deep-rooted socio-cultural beliefs and restrictions to empower young and under-privileged women

Working tirelessly at the forefront to support local people in need during times of crisis, distributing food and safety kits to their door

Providing high quality walking sticks and stability walkers to the elderly and the infirm to encourage mobility and improvement in quality of life

Providing pure treated drinking water to over 7,000 students at 22 Government schools every day from our integrated facility

Providing high-quality electrical sewing machines to divorced and widowed women to help them generate dignified and sustainable income