Sanitary Pads Distribution

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There are deep rooted socio-cultural beliefs and taboos on menstrual hygiene amongst adolescent girls and under-privileged women in rural and urban areas across India. This greatly impacts their ability to take advantage of education, career and other opportunities. Gokuldham Nar, acknowledged these challenges and decided to launch a ground-breaking campaign to raise awareness on this critical subject for the empowerment of women. We have undertaken the following positive steps and activities:
  • We organised a workshop in our main prayer hall at the Campus, led and run entirely by outstanding women leaders, who shared highly informative and inspirational words with a large group of young female attendees.
  • We procured and distributed 340,000 sanitary pads within surrounding localities, at the same time imparting education on maintaining good
hygienic practices and eradicating outdated beliefs and restrictions. With the active support and involvement of society, Gokuldham Nar will continue with this campaign, demonstrating solidarity with women facing these challenges. Together we all need to set an example by empowering women, assuring them that we are united in eradicating outdated and impractical beliefs.