The exceptional Indian-American community in the USA continue to demonstrate great concern for the wellbeing of people in their motherland India, through the remarkable ‘Helping Hands for Humanity Virginia’ group and as direct individual donors. They whole-heartedly support so many worthwhile causes within the health, wellbeing and educational areas.

Gokuldham Nar works meticulously with Helping Hands for Humanity Virginia and others, providing the crucial on-the-ground link to transform all donations into practical services for the intended communities, in the most effective and efficient manner. 

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In following Lord Shree Swaminarayan’s Shikshapatri and Hindu edicts of “Well-being for All”, we launched the unique Breast Awareness & Screening Campaign on 20 March 2022, aimed at women in rural communities. This major event was inaugurated in the distinguished presence of the Honourable Governor of Gujarat, Chief Minister, several prominent guests and thousands of well-wishers.
Recent surveys have indicated that breast cancer amongst women in India is increasing significantly, with 1 out of every 28 women potentially at risk of developing breast cancer.
Many women avoid Breast Screening for a number of reasons, often fearing economic, social or health consequences, or they simply lack the awareness. If left undetected and not treated on time, this disease can become life threatening.
During the first phase of this campaign, we will screen up to 2.5 lakh women over 35 years of age in the Anand District. Our trained Nurses will use ‘I Breast Checkup’ (which is an advanced American digital testing process) to screen the women in the privacy of their own homes, totally free of cost to them.
To date, 26,918 women have been scanned and 242 cases have been detected, with the work continuously ongoing even today.
If any cancerous disease is found, we will provide all necessary additional tests, including sonography, mammography and biopsy. Further follow up surgery, chemotherapy, medication and treatments will also be provided as needed, totally free of cost to them. None of this is possible without your financial and moral support, so we humbly invite you to join us in this campaign and together make a genuine difference to the lives of many more women. The well-being of one woman means the well-being of the entire family
"Come, Let us share the ‘Gift of Good Health’ to all Women in our community"