Residential Care Home for Senior Citizens

Safe and comfortable residential accommodation for seniors

This modern residential care home was built for senior citizens in 2006, with the generous support of our donors. So far, Gokuldham has been privileged to care for over 144 senior citizens, providing comfort, compassion and dignity.
Welcome to Gokuldham – Our goal is to make your life better
Under the scriptures and texts of Lord Swaminarayan, He commanded His followers to serve their elders and those who are not able to care for themselves. Therefore, at Gokuldham, we make it our duty and priority to take care of our elders.
Bhakti Sevashram is our residential care home for senior citizens, built in 2006 in acknowledgement for the great sacrifices they have made for us as a society. Throughout their lives, our elders have provided us with endless love, care, knowledge, insight, guidance and support.
Bhakti Sevashram is managed by Gokuldham, under the close and compassionate care of the Saints. Each of our residents is treated like a respected member of the family and we do not impose any time limit on the length of their stay.

About Care Home for Seniors

This modern facility is built in the natural and peaceful surroundings of the Campus and its open concept is designed to give our elders space, comfort and a feeling of community living. There are currently 8 rooms with a capacity to accommodate 16 residents, and the service is available to Indian residents and Non-Resident Indians, subject to available capacity.
We organise various activities especially for the elderly residents, including celebrations for birthdays, local and national festivals, world senior citizen day and an annual day. Our residents are always free to join in our general religious and spiritual activities.

Our Services for Residents

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Health Care facilities

  • There is an on-site medical dispensary with First Aid and routine medicines
  • Daily visits by a doctor to the home for health check-ups and assistance
  • Periodical visits a Geriatrician to the home, or as required, to deal with specific minor health issues
  • Gokuldham is associated with a local Hospital that provides general medical services 24 hours, and is also associated with other specialised hospitals in case of need.
  • A medical van is also available at the Campus for emergency transportation

Traditional Meals

As is the Food so is the Mind.
Our pure vegetarian traditional menu is carefully selected by a professional nutritionist, ensuring the highest balance is achieved in quality, taste and calorific content for all residents. We place great emphasis on providing food that promotes healthy living and healthy eating habits.
Kitchen and Dining Facilities
The modern cooking facilities and dining room within the residential home complex are equipped with all necessary equipment, electrical appliances and utensils to serve our residents. All food is prepared under strict hygienic conditions by trained cooks, using fresh and nutritious ingredients from local markets daily. No premade or processed foods are served at the home.
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We provide variety in food, and in addition to traditional Gujarati foods, our menu also includes North Indian and South Indian items such as Dosa, Pani Puri, Manchurian, Noodles, Idly, Upma, Pulao. Bakery items are also regularly provided, such as tasty Pizzas, Burgers, Dabeli, Sandwiches, Pav Bhaji.
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Ethics & Spirituality

This is a major pillar of Gokuldham – Spirituality is the guideline to life.
Our Saints hold special one-hour religious sessions for the residents every day. The Saints teach scriptures, sing devotional songs, recite and share knowledge on ethics and moral values.

Facilities for Residents

Drinking water

Fresh and clean drinking water is very important for maintaining health for the elderly. The Gokuldham Campus has its own large scale RO Water Filtration Plant that provides continuous drinking water in the care home and throughout the Campus.


Each resident is provided with a personal cupboard, bed, study table, personal prayer temple, chair and a footwear rack. Communication speakers connected between all rooms and the main office.

Solar heater

The elderly need water at varying temperatures in different seasons for bathing and washing. The Campus therefore ensures the supply of hot water to every room 24 hours, from electric water heaters using environmentally friendly technology.


The library stocks books in Gujarati, Hindi and English languages, covering subjects like Sanskrit, Spiritual, Science, History. This library provides a quiet place for the elderly to read during their leisure time.

Laundry Service

Residents are provided with an efficient laundry service, where clothes are collected, washed, ironed and returned daily. Bed linen and pillow covers are washed every week.

Safety and Security

There is 24/7 security guard cover at both the Campus entrances to manage all access 7 days a week. CCTV cameras also placed strategically around the residential home and within the surrounding Campus area for safety surveillance.

Salon Services

Timely barber visits are arranged for the residents to meet their haircare needs.

Audio-visual room

Our residents have access to the audio-visual room in the residential complex, which provides a variety of TV and audio programs, such as popular religious TV serials, Bhajan music, Katha and Spiritual animations.


Our housekeeping team cleans and organises each resident’s room daily.

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