Gokuldham Campus

A warm smile and “Jay Swaminarayan”, that is how you will be greeted by everyone at our Campus. You will feel at home as soon as you set foot in this peaceful and positive environment.
We combine tradition and progressive thinking to provide the best opportunity for enhanced learning and continuous improvement in the lives of all those on our Campus and in surrounding communities, guided at all times by our core Religious, Spiritual and Scientific principles.
You will witness nature and technology working together effortlessly across our Campus facilities, in its arts and its people. You will find genuine curiosity and the openness to explore amongst our people highly refreshing, making it impossible not to be part of it.
These themes remain deeply embedded in our ethos and actions, and play an important role in our everyday lives. This distinguished character and unique culture makes Gokuldham a truly rare location set in the heart of Gujarat, India.
Come and experience it for yourself.

Shreeji Aishwaryadham Temple

A remarkable temple complex peaking in spiritual heights, a perfect fusion of the ancient and the modern.

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Shreeji Aishwaryadham @ Gokuldham Nar
Saint Ashram @ Gokuldham

Sant Nivas

A peaceful sanctuary set in a green natural environment for our permanent and visiting Saints.

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Food on Campus

Religion, language and food; these are at the core of every region’s culture. Food not only provides sustenance and nutrition, but also expresses and celebrates our cultural identity.

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School and Hostel

Learning facility for students from junior Kindergarten to 12th standard (currently under further expansion)

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Atithi Bhavan (Guest House)

Clean and modern over-night and day-rest facilities for local and overseas guests

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Bhakti Sevashram

Residential Care Home for Senior Citizens

Safe and comfortable residential accommodation for seniors

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R.O. Water Filtration Plant

Clean drinking water with bottling facility and distribution service

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Shelter for Cows (Gaushala)

Large eco-friendly sheds in sprawling grounds provide care and protection for traditional Gir and other breeds

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Place for conducting Holy rituals
The Yagnashala at Gokuldham Nar is constructed in the design of an octagon. The octagon signifies universal peace and the welfare of the Universe.

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Rest facilities for travellers

To help weary travellers rest and recoup their energy, we have built several charming Gazebo structures within our Campus grounds, right by the entrance gates.

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Raised platform structure for birds

Gokuldham Campus’s natural environment attracts many bird species all year round, making it an ideal resting ground for them.

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