Jackets and Blankets Distribution

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Millions in our country do not have the comfort and safety of sleeping under a roof. They do not have any option but to sleep in inhumane conditions on pavements, road sides, railway stations and other open spaces. They are exposed to many dangers and risks, none more challenging than facing bitter cold winter nights in the open without any warmth or protection.
Gokuldham Nar considers this a great injustice in our society and takes action to help the homeless, destitute and needful with acts of love and compassion. Every winter, we distribute quality winter jackets to those in need across local villages, with special focus on children that have special needs, are orphaned or blind, as well as needful adults in senior citizen homes. The aim is to provide long term comfort and warmth to those who have no means to purchase such clothing.

Similarly, each winter our team of Saints, staff and volunteers load up their vehicles with warm blankets specially purchased from Ludhiana and move out of the campus after midnight. They travel to highways, road sides, bus and railway stations in search of people they can help. Then they cover the destitute discreetly with warm blankets whilst they sleep, deep into the night, with Jai Swaminarayan on their lips.

Warmth is not only felt physically by those helped, but in the hearts of those involved.

Gokuldham Nar has so far distributed 22,100 Jackets and 1,100 Blankets to those in need.

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