Clothes Distribution Drive

“Service to mankind is service to God”

“Service to mankind is service to God”
This noble thought inspires everybody to contribute towards the wellbeing of the world.
As we are born, weather is sensitive for everyone, every body feels heat, cold and rain.So just because they are poor we don’t want they should suffer- because for us all human life is sacred.
Cloth is one of the three basic needs of human beings. But there are people in this world who don’t have this essential need of existence. In India, 60-70 % of the poor and the tribal population living in remote and backward parts of the country do not have adequate clothes to cover their bodies. Their children barely have anything to wear and often succumb to death as they can’t bear the harsh climatic conditions. To address this issue, GokuldhamNar Clothes Distributed to the far flung villages where the poor are battling severe cold, cyclones year after year.
With this thought GokuldhamNar organized “Cloth Distribution Drive” dated 15th December, 2022. We have distributed clothes the backward areas “ladies Dress”, “gents’ pants and shirts” etc.