Tiffin Service to Hospitals (Vishvambharam Tiffin Service)

Service to humans equals service to God.
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Being hospitalised can be a stressful event. Quality care, comfort, family support and nutrition all playing a critical role in the healing process for patients. However, travel distances for family, lack of local facilities and cost implications often make it very difficult for all patients to receive quota of daily nutrition. Gokuldham Nar, with the kind support of our donors, has taken practical steps to address these challenges and created the Vishvambharam Tiffin Service to ensure that all in-patients at three nearby hospitals receive adequate nutrition.
Since the year 2018, our volunteers have prepared healthy and nutritious meals each day in our central kitchens and served them to patients and their families at the Government Hospital, Saadat Hospital and Yamuna Surgical Hospital in Tarapur, Gujarat, completely free of cost.

Additionally, we also deliver freshly cooked meals to 25 elderly and other needful people twice each day, free of any cost. 
So far, we have served a total of more than 62,837 meals.

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