COVID-19 Relief / Crisis Support Services

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We are all aware of the devastating effect the Corona Virus (Covid-19) has had across the entire world, with over four million people dead and countless others infected, hospitalised or bereaved. India has been particularly hard hit due to its size, population and lack of adequate facilities, with marginalised sections of its society suffering the most. Amongst them, the poor, daily wage earners, homeless, slum dwellers and migrant workers have been the worst affected, often unable to afford even the basics of food and hygiene supplies for their families.
Gokuldham Nar recognised the immediate need to act during this unprecedented crisis and promptly organised our Covid-19 Relief Service to support individuals and communities within our reach.
During the long period of crisis, our team has worked tirelessly within our localities and elsewhere to provide the following:
  • 2,500 marginalised families provided food packets containing all grocery essentials and grains, hygiene kits, masks, sanitisers. Our teams also provided practical advice on precaution and prevention measures at their door steps
  • 6,000 food grocery packets and 200 fruit packets
  • 52,000 protective face masks
  • 200 approved PPE (Personal Protection Equipment) Kits to medical and other front-line workers
  • Donation of Rs 2,11,000 to the PM Covid-19 Relief Fund
  • Donation of Rs 27,00,000 to 35 Charitable Institutes for use in Covid-19, and Cyclone Tauktae and related relief purposes
  • 130 Oxygen Concentrators imported from the USA and immediately put to emergency use in hospitals and care centres
  • Converted our large hostel facilities into a temporary isolation and bed rest centre for patients during periods of bed shortage across the state, taking care of all their food and personal needs during their stay.
  • During Cyclone Tauktae, we provided food to a large number of people in temporary shelters after they were evacuated from their normal places of stay.
Gokuldham Nar will always remain at the forefront in times of crisis and committed to serve all sections of society.