Footwear Distribution

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We all take footwear for granted, often owning multiple pairs for different purposes. Yet for some sections in our society, it is all too common not having anything to wear on their feet. We don’t need to look far to see people with bare feet walking on hot tarmac roads, working in fields and on construction sites. Entire families, including children and the elderly with nothing on their feet in extreme conditions, exposing themselves to harsh discomfort, injury and infection. At Gokuldham, we take their plight very seriously. Every year, with immense support from our donors, we distribute quality footwear of all sizes to adults and children that need them. Our teams go to villages, towns and cities and offer appropriate footwear to anyone they see walking bare feet, respectfully placing the footwear on their feet, and bowing with a Jai Swaminarayan. It is as simple and as effective as that.

We have distributed over 28,400 pairs of quality footwear so far and our mission continues.

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