Mass Marriage Ceremonies

It is said that “Marriages are made in Heaven and Celebrated on Earth”
With the blessing of Lord Shree Swaminarayan, and the kind support of our donors, Gokuldham Nar arranges mass marriage ceremonies for couples from economically disadvantaged backgrounds totally free of cost each year. So far, Gokuldham Nar has conducted marriages, with all necessary facilities and support, to 459 couples at these ceremonies.
About the Ceremonies:
  • Young couples can get married in the mass Hindu marriage ceremonies by registering with us in advance
  • We always give priority to brides and couples that do not have one or more living parents
  • We provide all the traditional facilities needed for weddings, including our spiritual venue as a location, beautiful mandaps, ritual puja items and flowers
  • Couples can bring an agreed number of family members and friends as guests to celebrate their wedding at Gokuldham
  • A full traditional wedding food menu is served to all couples and their guests
  • An extensive wedding gift package is given to each married couple to begin their married lives together. The package includes all household essentials including bed, linen, storage cabinet, utensils, appliances and clothing.
  • Most importantly, all married couples are honoured and blessed at our function by Saints, religious leaders and guests.

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