Sewing Machine Distribution

Self-help to generate income
Many divorced and widowed women from disadvantaged sections of our society face poverty and economic struggle due to lack of income and support. Often, many of these women have no education, skills or training to enable them to fight their way out of poverty and marginalization within their own society. Such destitution pressurizes highly vulnerable women into taking up regrettable and unethical practices just to put food on the table and a roof over their heads. At Gokuldham, we recognize the plight and vulnerability of these women and have taken practical steps to empowerment them. So far, we have distributed high quality electrical sewing machines to over 60 women, to help them generate sustainable income by sewing clothes, bags, handicraft for themselves or for larger business enterprises. This self-help initiative also aids the women to rebuild their lives with self-confidence and dignity within the community.

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SEWING MACHINES Distributed to the Widowed for Income generation
  • Provide Sewing Machines to 5 disadvantaged Widows to help self-generate Income – 65,000
  • Provide Sewing Machines to 3 disadvantaged Widows to help self-generate Income – 39,000
  • Provide Sewing Machine to 1 disadvantaged Widow to help self-generate Income – 13,000