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Perfect Education

To build a healthy and civilized society through human values combining physical as well as spiritual development.
Academic support at the Hostel
We do our best to ensure that each student is supported to achieve their fullest academic potential. Typically, topics covered during school time need to be revisited with home assignments. For this, we have:
  • Appointed tutors to meet the requirement of optional extra coaching, as is often expected by the parents. This becomes mandatory for students that have achieved less than 55% in previous annual examinations. An additional fee is charged in full at the beginning of the coaching session every year, and is non- refundable and non- transferable
  • Provided senior students from 10th to 12th standard access to the inside of the main hall for private uninterrupted studying, over longer durations.
This combination of sincere efforts by students, teaching staff and the exceptional learning environment has produced outstanding results.
Hostel Staff
The hostel has a team of staff that are directly responsible for the supervision, discipline and care of every student. The staff at the hostel become more like family elders for the students, creating a trusted environment where students feel at ease to raise issues of concern or they need support with.
Creating such a conducive environment helps students to thrive and realise their fullest potential.