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It is the source of inspiration for each human being.


It is the source of inspiration for all human beings

Spirituality is generally considered as a matter of belief. Well, this is a misconception, spirituality is actually the experience of the almighty. Brahmavidhya values, the practices defined by eternal Vedas and Supreme Bhagwan Shree Swaminarayan, lead us to this amazing enlightenment of realisation of self and the almighty god.
Faith : Having strong conviction and faith in Spiritual Scriptures and in God as the ultimate existence and shelter for soul (us).
Affection with Saintly Person: Having a strong emotional bond and unconditional affection with real Saints and Devotees of God and willingness to serve them
Devotion: Holding immense love and affection for God with devotional practices like chanting god’s name, listening to Leela (glories) of God, singing kirtans, prayers and service to God
Aatmanistha : Realising oneself as a mere Soul, detached from the body and as a humble Sevak (servant) of God
Non-attachment: Developing the wisdom of detachment from materialistic objects and pursuits of women, wealth, fame etc that hinder to devotion of God
Realization of God: Experiencing and feeling the blissful and divine form of God in reality.