Jay Swaminarayan! I came to Gokuldham on 2nd September and I have stayed 7 weeks.
The campus is beautiful, safe and peaceful. It’s full of birds, squirrels and cheeky monkeys. The initial days at school were a bit hectic, coming from a French school, I was not used to Indian management and teaching. I Found that being pro-active and actively seeking out the teachers to ask them how I could contribute to their classes helped a lot. I highly recommend to not sit around and just wait for someone to tell you what to do. You will also need to be able to think quick on your fact as a lot of unexpected situations may arise .The Pupils are very curious and might be a bit too excited at first but it’d pretty easy to win them over if you stick to it and are consistent.
I was privileged to teach English to 2 classes of kids from Manipur. Thus, I was given a weekly schedule, and more stability. My experiences with them has been wonderful and I’ll be very sad to leave them.
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People on campus smile a lot, and even though verbal communication is often limited, you can easily develop. Some sort of relationship. I have shared some good times with kitchen / cleaning staff. My personal experience is that you have to come out of your room, wonder around and be outing. Only then will a lot of opportunities arise. Still, I would advice to be wary of people who are over-friendly from the start. Trust should be earned.
I also advice taking advantage of after school hours. I want to music class everyday and I was lucky to be taught the harmonium by Vinu sir and the pupils. My overall experience was positive, especially the kids, they made it truly worth it.