Emily and Aaron

December - 2012

United Kingdom

Gokuldhamof Nar is a wonderful place to be. We have been very fortunate to have stayed here, gotten to know the environment and met the people who make it so unique. The school has excellent facilities. It is equipped with a fully air-conditioned computer laboratory and a large library which houses the school’s smart board and staff room. The smart board and ICT room are excellent and essential facilities, enabling young people to really come to grips with our evolving modern world. The staff room is an excellent communal space, ideal for teachers to gather, hold meetings and discussions, share ideas, interact and indeed continue to grow and learn themselves. After all, the best teachers use their own knowledge of learning to support their students. In total we spent five and a half weeks running training sessions for the teachers. In those sessions we built on the teachers’ English language skills, prompted group discussions about the school, teaching English to the students and explored new teaching methods.

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Through the use of games which inspire people to have fun, relax and grow in confidence, we were able to combat this issue successfully. However, it was not our efforts but the efforts of those teachers who clearly demonstrated a desire to improve and showed enormous bravery and stamina, that deserve the credit. It was these people who impressed us the most in the teachers’ sessions. Many of the teachers at Shri A. K. Patel English Medium School are already very confident English speakers and some have had the fortune to travel to English speaking countries. The teachers are positive, kind natured, intelligent and fun loving individuals. Together they are a team working within a supportive staff culture, engaged and motivated to be creative and innovative, bringing new ideas into their classrooms. The teachers have shown an abundance of ability. They are able to think in innovative and creative ways, stretching knowledge & skills. This is truly a beautiful place to be and work. Our sincerest and warmest thanks to one and all.
Emily and Aaron, London, 2012