Trying to describe how incredible my time at Gokuldam-Nar has been is certainly a hard task! I’ve had the honor to teach computer science and social science (history, environment and political science) to incredible students, who have shown me a deep interest, a wonderful sense of curiosity and passion toward those subjects.
Gokuldham Nar has also allowed me to explore the Indian culture and spirituality like never before. Indeed, what has truly made a difference for me has been the time I’ve spent with the students outside of school hours. I’ve learnt so much about their lives, culture, and the way the observe the world… what an incredible experience I will always treasure in my memories. I’ve also had the awesome opportunity to get to know the Rishi Kumar boys, the kindest and most gentle souls! Thank you for our time together.
Another crucial aspect of my experience at the campus has been the involvement in social work projects, such as mass marriages for underprivileged couples, prosthetic limbs and tricycles distribution, clothing collection and so on.
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All these projects have shown me the foundation of Gokuldham Nar: it is truly a place of kindness, joy, peace and solidarity.
I feel truly privileged to be part of this reality and I’m definitely planning to come back! Thank you!