Harriet Hurrell

October - 2013


I feel privileged to have had a chance to volunteer within such a magnificent school. Gokuldhamof  Nar has provided me with the best experience I could possibly have had for my future studies of Primary Education to later be a Primary School teacher. The atmosphere within the school and as whole on the campus is exhilarating. This is mainly due to the friendly people whom made our stay complete. The students are all enthusiastic and are willing to learn, they appreciate the good education they are being provided with at Gokul Nar. The dedication and hard work of the staff at Gokul Nar shows through the success of the pupils. We were lucky enough to have witnessed time tabled days structured lessons; this portrayed the professional manner of the school. The leadership of the school is of a high standard with the teaching body being led by such a hardworking man; The principal who is so passionate for his job, he is a credit for the school. 

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All students studying in Gokul Nar are extremely fortunate for the education that they are given as well as the facilities they are learning in. The school has air conditioned rooms, spacious room which is useful for physical activities and a smart board. It was refreshing to see the pupils interacting with all activities we proposed to them. They were involved in playing games, singing action songs, many competitions and drama games. All of these activities helped the pupils to build confidence resolving in all speaking more English. The respect and cooperation I had from the children was phenomenal, they were focused at all times and I honour this as they are learning in the heat and their school days are long. I feel as though during the 10 weeks spent at the school, the experience has educated me a lot. I have become more confident in public speaking as well as learning new skills and learning how I should adapt my lessons to all abilities and ages. I feel privileged to have had the opportunity to have volunteered in such a wonderful school. I cannot wait to visit again in the near future. I wish to finish on saying a huge thank you to everyone who was involved in making the experience for me so incredible. All the best.