Nidhi Priya



Hey there, I’m Maya, I’m 21 years old, I will be probably older if you are reading this late but yeah, I turned 21 here in Gokuldham, I wasn’t sure about the place, I did not keep any expectations while coming here but truly an amazing place, like a small world, which you can already feel. I am travelling around the country for a year how but this place was the safest, most comfortable and most peaceful places, I have been. My students, I’ll miss them, I loved how they listened, respected my presence and always curious. I have never ben asked so many question anywhere more than the curious students, what do I do, where am I from, can I speak in Chinese, Yes I can!
It’s so much fun here, everyone greeting each other Jay Swaminarayan with those smiling faces. How can a place be this beautiful and perfect. I truly enjoyed here. I thankful to Milind, Urvashi, Students and everyone truly an amazing group of people where everyone is doing their best, I was truly impressed by the infrastructure of the school, playschool temple, and literally any other building here.
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They all are made and taken care with such perfection. Mon to sat me and the other volunteer would work for 3-4 hours and on weekends, I saw ocean for the 1st time. sometime we would go ti restaurants for dinner. It was truly fun. Here, you can never get bored. Just one step outside your room and fun starts. For my part I was teaching spoken English here, I’m glad that I was able to take classes easily, thanks to the students and also other teachers who would help me I needed. I tried using different fun games to take classes so it never gets boring and goes what, it worked, it was amazing experience. I mean it probably the 2nd place in India where I’m sad leaving it to tomorrow is my last class, I’m already felling sad. I really enjoyed this experience. (I hope to stay the youngest volunteer ti come here)