Owen Roche



“The last five months, I’ve had the opportunity to volunteer as a teacher at Swaminarayan Gokuldham Nar. The experience has surpassed my expectations ons for a volunteer opportunity and I would highly recommend to others.
The facilities at the school are excep onal and include a large temple, cow shed, water purification on plant, elder home, etc. The volunteer coordinator and staff on campus are readily available to take of any of the volunteer’s needs.
As a teacher, I taught lessons on math, English, and computer subjects. Although at some points the workload can be heavy, this is a great opportunity to improve your teaching abilities in a stress free environment. The volunteers form strong bonds with the students and watch movies, play outdoors, and often eat meals with the students. During my time, I’ve had the incredible experience to teach 46 students arriving from Manipur as their local schools shut down during ethnic conflict.
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There is ample opportunity to explore the major sites in Gujarat as the volunteers go on trips on Sundays. I’ve had the opportunity to explore Ahmedabad, Anand, Vadtal, and Khambhat to name a few places.
I’ve learned a great lot about India, Hinduism, and Swaminarayan in my me here. Again, I highly recommend coming to Gokuldham if you are interested in teaching opportunities es abroad.”