The Right to Education is a fundamental human right for everyone. It enables us to develop self-awareness, knowledge and build perspective. It allows us to live a meaningful life and make positive contributions to the wider society. Education provides a path out of poverty and is at the core of economic development.
The Campus at Gokuldham comprises an English Medium school that provides education for students from junior Kindergarten to 12th Standard. The school is divided into an Elementary and High School.
  • The Elementary School starts from Junior Kindergarten to 4th Standard
  • The High School is for 5th to 12th Standard
  • There are 650 students from approximately 40 different villages, taught by 33 teachers and faculty members.
Our International Campus has welcomed many volunteers from around the world, ranging from Canada, Norway, USA, Spain, Israel, Sweden, Australia, France, Germany and Mexico, to several countries in Europe. These volunteers come with the enthusiasm and purpose to make a genuine difference to study and life on the Campus. Their diverse experiences, innovative teaching methods and multi-cultural approach provides invaluable exposure for our students, preparing them for success in India and on the global stage.

Our Values