Urvashi Patel

International Volunteer Co-ordinator


“This is my third visit to Gokuldham of Nar as a volunteer as I thoroughly enjoy working with the children and teachers. Each time has been a great experience and I’ve enjoyed getting to know the staff and students. I particularly enjoyed providing one-to-one language tuition to the teachers as well helping them plan lessons and find new ways of teaching the children. We discussed new ways of teaching and learning so that children are engaged and motivated. In the U.K. majority of the materials are now on line and teachers were shown how to access these resources. It is also important that teachers continuously learn, update their own skill. Therefore I facilitated a seminar on Continuous Professional Development for Teachers, E-learning and Breast Cancer Awareness which was attended by several Headmasters and teachers from surrounding towns and villages.

This seminar was very well received and teachers will from now on be networking and implementing some of the new ideas. Before I came to the school, I was able to gather books, puzzles, games and toys from the UK and bring these to the school, which the teachers and students clearly appreciated. I was also lucky enough to go on a trip with all the teachers to Nareshwar. This was a fantastic fun packed day. The local area is very interesting and I’ve been able to go on a number of visits to local temples, Tarapur town and shopping in Anand, lake Kanewal and other places of interest. I will surely be a regular visitor to the school. Many thanks Urvashi Patel from London



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