March 2019


“I want to start by thanking all the members of this beautiful place for making my stay so memorable. I arrived to Ahmedabad in the evening. I was picked up from the airport by one of the teachers. Arrived at the campus late and was welcomed by the principal Manish. Next day I was given time to rest and get over my jet lag, had a campus tour and got to introduce myself to the school staff. The first thing I instantly noticed is how welcoming and nice everyone was. The atmosphere is relaxed and I was welcomed into any class I wanted until I found my best fit. The students in the school really had my heart. They are all so sweet and respectful. So eager to learn from volunteers. I loved waking up at mornings knowing I had another day to spend with them, teach them, and equally learn from them. It was heartwarming every time they approached me made me promise to join their next class. This experience is very rewarding and I learnt to appreciate the little things I have.
I got to really experience a rural lifestyle, met wonderful people, learned so much about the Indian culture, spent a lot of time alone, learned about the Swaminarayan faith and for the first time I understood the true meaning of serenity. Thank you Gokul and thank you Mita for making this opportunity possible. Hope to come back again.”