Centa & Ilka

January – Feb 2017


“First of all we want to thank you and everybody for the great opportunity we got here while staying at the school of Gokuldham of Nar. It is a great place in the State of Gujarat with even greater people. Everybody working or living on the campus is very friendly and made us feel welcomed from the first day on. When we arrived they let us take enough time to adjust to the climate, different time zone and culture. All of the teachers are very lovely people who enjoy talking and working with you. After some time they will even invite you to their homes or join you to visit different places or go shopping with you. During the school lessons we were able to lead a lot of classes by ourselves if we felt comfortable enough. Also outside of school everybody tries to make us feel as comfortable as possible and especially Pravin went out of his way to supply us with everything we needed. Sometimes we felt that it even was too much and we felt bad to ask for certain things because we felt spoiled.
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They were also trying to show us as much of the surrounded area as possible and on the weekends they arranged different car trips for us, so we would be able to see different places. All in all Gokuldham is a great school with really lovely people and we are really grateful and happy that this opportunity was given to us. We got a great insight into the Indian culture and way of living. We also got to know a bit about the Swaminarayan way of living, but only a little, since we are girls so we didn’t get to interact with them so much.”