Tyler Durnion

November 2017


I had an amazing time at the campus and the hospitality was outstanding. I really had fun teaching the kids and loved how you allowed me to take my time and ease into teaching at my own pace. The no pressure environment made it very relaxing and encouraged better teaching. All of the staff were very professional and the school and the campus’ other features are an invaluable resource to surrounding communities. You look after your volunteers really well! All of the kids are very well behaved and I loved Manish quote of “Not just teaching them the curriculum, but teaching them to live.” Whenever teachers took us out to tours on the weekend I was so appreciative of their time and their commitment to keeping us safe. I’ve travelled on my own in other places in the world but I think India would’ve been a little too much for me so I was grateful for their presence and their eagerness to take us out. Also, when my toe got infected I appreciated Manish’s promptness to send me to Dr Iman as soon as possible and was grateful for the medication supplied.
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After the course my toe was back to normal and I could wear shoes again. All of the kitchen staff, cleaning staff, ashram kids, members of the care home and Swami’s altogether made it a welcoming home and I will look back on this experience for the rest of my life with a smile on my face.