Hello, my dear friend! My name is Aleksandra, I am from Russian Federation and I spent 5 weeks in campus. This is my first volunteer program in Asia and even if I had the most ambitious expectations, the reality would still be better.. This place is truly amazing! Food, accommodation, safety, leisure time – everything is organized in a very high level.
I will talk about everything as informative as possible, so the review will be rather big. But if you really plan to come here and you still have questions – write to me, I will tell you in detail about my experience!
I am a pianist and musical teacher. All my time in campus I was working in pre-school with kids from 3 to 8 years old. It was not too easy for me because I don’t speak Gujarati, but still full of fun and interesting experience. I felt so much love and empathy from the children and teachers that all the difficulties were quickly leveled out. Usually I did 4-5 classes, sometimes more, sometimes less.
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In general, your wishes will be listened to here and they will try to organize your work as comfortably as possible. I worked in a beautifully decorated room, I was provided with musical instruments, and the classroom had a modern screen with internet access. The school day runs from 7:40 to 13:30.
You will not be allowed to leave the campus area on your own. However, on weekends (and sometimes on weekdays), the school administration will organize interesting trips for you. If you need something, they will organize a trip with a driver to the nearest city.
In any case, it is unlikely you’ll get bored on the campus of campus. About 200 male students live permanently on the campus in hostel. You can participate in their routine or find something else to do. On the territory there is a library, music rooms – you can learn to play local instruments, a bakery that you can visit, an old age home, a cowshed, a huge sport ground and much more. You can take part in training, play sports games, they have an equipped space for board games, on weekends they show movies in the movie room, etc. If you are active, you are unlikely to get bored. I never was)
You will stay in a comfortable room on campus, in a guest house with AC. The food is delicious and plentiful. There are medical workers on the territory and there is constant access to clean drinking water.
Important part in campus is cultural exchange. On the territory there is a huge and beautiful temple in which morning and evening services are held daily. During the first week I was welcomed as a very important and dear guest. But now, when I write this line, I understand, that I feel myself already a part of family. A big, happy, loud and supporting campus family. On the territory of campus holidays and events are constantly taking place, in which you will certainly become a participant. You can learn a lot about local education, culture and traditions.
I have heard several times from different people that the people here are amazing and extremely lovely. And I was convinced of this from my own experience. You will be greeted warmly, hospitably and with a wide smile. I feel big love and gratitude to all kids, teachers, administration other volunteers and stuff, who helped, protected and took care of me. I feel many of them really are my close friends now and send my warmest regards!
I could write many excited words here. But I recommend to everyone just to visit this place and to see everything with your own eyes. You will leave part of your heart here, but in exchange you will receive a place, which you will be able to name “my home”. Thank you for your attention! Campus – I will miss you and wait for future meeting! Jay Swaminarayan!