Vi Tang



Hello my name is Vi and I am 31 years old from Australia. I came to Gokuldham Nar as a volunteer for 5 weeks. This was my first time in india so I was a bit worried getting to the campus but the school made everything easy and had someone pick me up. I taught English to the students and in really enjoyed getting to know them. My cherished moments were with the students after school hours . I was able to take part in the music lessons with the hostel boys where they taught me the congo drums. They were very energetic and friendly and I got to learn several beats while they sang along. I was also able to play volleyball with some of the students and teach them some volleyball techniques. It was a joy seeing them improve. During the last 3 weeks of my stay , 50 students from Manipur arrived at the school. I ahd the apportunity to teach them and got to know them very well. All the students are very sweet and always bursting with question.
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I will greatly miss them and hope they all succeed in their future endeavours. Overall, I enjoyed my stay at Gokuldham Nar, the staff were hospitable, the accommodation was good and the food was great.