We spent such an amazing month in this school. This month has gone so fast, but I could never forget it. During one month, we had a chance to spend so much time with the students so we had so many unforgettable moments. We were teachers in the school in the morning, for lunch we could eat with the hostel boys and had so many discussions, during the afternoon we could play with them so many funny games, as we discovered Kabaddi and kho kho and during the evening, after dinning with the hostel boys we were in the study room with them to help them for their homework. That way each day of this month on the campus was so interesting and different from the life I have in France. We also had the chance to be on campus for different events. The mass marriage took place 3 days after we arrived on the campus. Glad we had the chance to be there for this amazing day.
So we had such a warm and huge welcome in the school and on the campus. I want to thank everyone for all those moments I spent and all the kindness I received during my month in Gokuldham. Thank you so much again!!!
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