We have already spent one month here but it feels like we arrived yesterday. We are so sad to leave in only 10 days. Few lines will not be enough to express everything we have experienced during these wonderful weeks, but there is something I will remember more than anything else; the kindness of Gokuldham of Nar population. At the very first second we arrived on the campus, we sincerely felt welcome in our new home. We get everything we need and we spend some unforgettable times here. Being with the children is a one thing I will definitely miss the most. There is not one single day during which they do not have a tremendous smile on their faces and they are constantly willing to learn and exchange with us. This connection with the people here made us able to understand so much about the Indian life, which is completely different from ours and this exchange of culture that we have experienced during these 4 weeks is something really precious.
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I will never forget this once- in- a – lifetime experience coming back to France after this and leaving this place will be really hard but I will leave with so much good memories in mind! The children will always have a special space in my heart and I am willing to come back here one day! Thank you so much for having taking care of us so nicely on this wonderful campus, I enjoyed every moment with my three friends and everybody here.