Hernan Tamargo

January 2017


Many words can be used to describe my two months at Gokuldham: surely, all of them are positive. Above all, I have met countless wonderful people. Firstly, I would like to mention Pravin, who is practically in charge of having everything under control within the campus, and is usually one of the first people you meet. It’s hard to meet anyone with Pravin’s patience, peace and serenity: he always makes sure you have everything you need, and solves you literally any problem, need or demand (be it soap, chai, bus tickets, etc) that you may have. I really enjoyed spending time with him as well. Second of all, i would like to mention all of the school staff. Manish, the head teacher, has always ensured that I felt comfortable in the school, respecting my time to adapt to the new routine and to choose the subject(s) and teacher(s) which I felt comfortable with. On my second day of school, he realized that I was lost wandering
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around the hallways, so he asked one of the teachers to once again tour me around the school. Gestures such as that make you feel at home.
Moreover, the school has a great team of teachers, who were friendly and welcoming to me from the very start. It was very nice getting to know some of them. Being invited to some of their homes was a close testimony of Indians’ hospitality.
However, nothing is more fulfilling than the affection and respect shown by the students. They seem to be happy and thrilled each time they meet a new foreign teacher, and they are usually quite curious about your culture and your country. I’ve had students from Standard 5 (age 9/10) up to Standard 10 (age 15), and each class has shown both interest and respect towards me, expressed in many different ways: through questions, through presents, talks, etc.
It is also worth mentioning that the teachers have always made me feel comfortable inside the classroom: from my first day onwards, they have trusted in my capacities and experience, and have encouraged me to participate and even lead some of the classes.