Staying here for one month was such an incredible experience. I wish I could stay longer! Every day was different and very enriching. Indian people are very welcoming and so are the people of this school: I feel like home now. I want to thank every person of the school staff who have contributed to make this stay as perfect. We had such a good time with the children, who really want to learn and who were incredibly nice with us. I was able to discover the colourful Indian culture, thanks to their kindness. The time I spent with them, at school, during studying time, or again playing Kabaddi and kho kho was amazing and I will never forget these moments! We have had the opportunity to see these wonderful events which allowed me to understand how much Indians can enjoy life. I hope the school and its children will never lose their kindness, and always keep their smile. Thank you again for this warm welcome, I would like to come back one day! All the best,
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