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To build a healthy and civilized society through human values combining physical as well as spiritual development.


शरीरमाद्यं खलु धर्मसाधनम् ।

About Hostel

This is a place where our students feel at home. Our facilities, staff and the community at Gokuldham Campus combine to provide an environment that is comfortable and structured for the students, aiding them to build character and excel in studies during their stay with us. Throughout the semester, our students work to a carefully blended schedule that balances time for learning, spirituality, physical activity, extracurricular activities and participation in social functions. This unique structure and balanced schedule provide the students with life-long disciplines that will help them achieve their goals and become model citizens.
  • Instilling the Swaminarayan tradition and disciplines in children
  • Accommodating students from places further away
  • Creating a unique learning environment and culture
  • Allow students to distinguish themselves from each other and create memorable life experiences with fellow students
  • Instil learning that goes beyond their time in the hostel
  • Shape and develop them into dynamic individuals that make positive contributions to society

Hostel Best Services

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Dining Hall and Our Food
As is the Food so is the Mind. The spacious dining hall at Gokuldham serves 600 students simultaneously with pure vegetarian food that is carefully selected by a professional nutritionist. This ensures the highest balance is achieved in quality, taste and calorific content for all students. Our emphasis is to always provide food that promotes healthy living and healthy eating habits. Specially trained cooks use fresh and nutritious ingredients, purchased from local markets, to prepare the menu items daily. In addition to traditional Gujarati foods, our menu also comprises a large variety of delicious North Indian and South Indian varieties, such as Dosa, Pani Puri, Manchurian, Noodles, Idly, Upma, Pulao etc. The Campus never serves premade or unhealthy processed foods.
Bakery Facilities : Gokuldham’s self-maintained bakery are equipped with the latest in equipment and electrical appliances. Our own bakery also provides delicacies such as tasty Pizzas, Burgers, Dabeli, Sandwiches and Pav Bhaji.
Medical Care
The Campus provides a range of medical and health services for the well-bring of all its students, these include:
  • An on-site medical dispensary with First Aid and routine medicines
  • Daily visits by a doctor to tend to student needs
  • Periodical visits by a Paediatrician or as required, to deal with specific health issues
  • Gokuldham is associated with a local Hospital (5 minutes away) that provides general medical services 24 hours, and is also associated with other specialised hospitals in case of need.
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Hostel Facility

Co-Curricular Activities


Gokuldham places great importance to physical health along with academic studies and encourages students to participate in its various indoor and outdoor activities.
Sports are a crucial part of a student’s growth and development, enhancing mental health and physical fitness of the body. Students acquire critical experience and confidence through participation in sports and games.
Students also gain important life skills through sports, such as teamwork, accountability, self-confidence, responsibility and self-discipline – all of which helps prepare them to face the challenges of life.
Gokuldham offers Indian and Western sports options to its students in its indoor facility and on the vast outdoor activity field. Our students enjoy all our activities and many are award-winners at several Inter-School and Inter-State competitions.
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Ethics & Spirituality: This is one of the major wings of Gokuldham Pooja: Spirituality is the guideline to the life.
Pooja (Ceremonial Worship): Students come to the Prayer Hall every morning at 6:15am. This worship includes chanting of Swaminarayan Mahamantra and recitation of devotional songs. This hour brings energy, joy and bliss to all at Gokuldham. A feeling of being in Paradise.
Religious Session: Swamijis hold a special half hour session in every day for students. In this Session, Swamijis teach scriptures, devotional songs, recitations and moral values.

Educational Tours

We at Gokuldham routinely take our students on tours to experience many educational and spiritual places across Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh, Maharastra & Other State under the expert guidance of learned educators and rectors.
Students gain much in knowledge, character building and exposure by participating in these tours. They genuinely enjoy these tours and write interesting tour diaries for future reference.
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Academic support at the Hostel

We do our best to ensure that every student is supported to achieve their fullest academic potential. Typically, topics covered during school time need to be revisited with home assignments.
For this, we have: Appointed tutors to meet the requirement of optional extra coaching, as is often expected by the parents.
This combination of sincere efforts by students, teaching staff and the exceptional learning environment has produced outstanding results.

Computer classes & Graphics Classes

Students may have trouble understanding key topics in class lectures – graphics can help them understand. Sometimes the ideas under discussion are complex—graphics can help illustrate them. To describe some processes, images may be able to convey them better.
Therefore, additional computer and graphics lessons for our students open up many doors for them in their lives.
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The world of hostel students comes alive with festivals. Hostel life offers a mix of cultures and traditions, bringing together students from different walks of life. The hostel becomes the centre of excitement as students decorate it with colourful lights and garlands, transforming the surroundings into a magical, festive wonderland. Let us understand our traditional principles from the glory of every festival.


Our Students Exhibited Exemplary Skills and Sportsmanship At Various Levels

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