July - 2014


“My experience at Gokul Nar was definitely one of a kind. Coming here and volunteering was both my first time abroad and also my first time teaching, so everything was a completely new experience for me and quite often very challenging. However, it was the kind of challenge that by the end of it, I knew that I’d grown as a person in ways that could never have happened back home and could never imagine not having come. I absolutely loved the children and it was so endearing how excitedly they’d greet me whenever they’d see me and how much they loved it when I’d come to their classroom. It was a very common occurrence for a group of students to find me in the staff room or around the school and say “Teacher, please come to our classroom!”. When I wasn’t teaching, I was taken to different surrounding places—anything from cities and restaurants to temples and villages. The best way that I could sum up my month with Gokul Nar is that it wasn’t just a volunteer experience; it was an adventure.”

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