November - 2015


What a beautiful place. Not only the tranquil and stunning surroundings in the school campus, but also the people. Gokuldham has a lot of staff for different functions. Within the campus there is a Swaminaryan ashram, a temple and a hostel for kids who live far away in the making, a school with kids between the ages of 4 and 15. There is a building where all the volunteers and the principal and his family live, an old people’s home, a water plant, and a cowshed where all the milk comes from. All the staff takes very good care of you, making sure you have a good stay while volunteering at Gokuldham. They are all what make Gokuldham a very special and beautiful place. All the teachers are very welcoming and helpful. They want to learn new things from us volunteers. So I did a lot of the teaching while I was there, feeling like I did something good and not just watched. If you want to volunteer in a place where you meet warm and helpful people, where it is very tranquil, beautiful surroundings, and where you are well taken care of I can highly recommend Gokuldham in Nar.”

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