Glen Stallard

December - 2014

United Kingdom

Over the course of the past few months, I have been fortunate enough to teach English in a voluntary position here at GokulNar . As somebody who had never set foot in India before, let alone teach English as a foreign language, I can say I was a little unsure of how I would find this experience. However, right from day one, from the moment of arrival in Ahmedabad, I have been made to feel welcome and at home by everybody I have come in to contact with, not just at the school but also within the campus.
I have so many people to thank for their hospitality and efforts in ensuring my comfort and safety, the fact that it is possible to travel to somewhere so distant and diverse and yet be made to feel like a member of a family is something I couldn’t have imagined nor expected. Both teachers and students have been a pleasure to spend time with. I have nothing but admiration for those around me who have been so openly welcoming and keen to share time with myself and other volunteers. 

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To consider the fact that we as volunteers are communicating freely in what would be a third language to many here, including children of a young age, I think speaks volumes about the quality and character of the school and those who are helping it to function. The level of English ability throughout the school has helped me and other volunteers to get to know more about those who we are teaching and those who we are working with and I certainly feel I have been able to learn my own share of things from each and everyone here, something which I value very highly, and something for which I am sure I can take with me to use both now and in the future.
Although I didn’t plan it this way, I have been very lucky to witness several events of importance, be that to the school or in fact the whole nation, including Uttarayan, Republic Day and the coming School Annual Day. Each event has been such an immense experience and something which live long in the memory. It is truly a blessing that we have been able to get a glimpse in to the passion, enthusiasm and love of life from the people around us. And for me, that has been the most significant part of the experience, the people with whom we can share it with. They are the ones who have made my experience what it is and they will always have my sincerest thanks for being who they are.